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  1. A project manager is preparing two documents for risk management. One contains sources of overall project risk and also summary information on individual risks. The second describes individual risks identified. What name should the project manager give to the first document?
Risk register
Risk report
Risk management plan
Requirements traceability matrix

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  2. A company has to make a choice between two projects, because the available resources in money and kind are not sufficient to run both at the same time. Each project would take 12 months to complete and cost $250,000. The company wants to make a decision based on a 3-year prediction after final delivery.
  1. The first project is a process optimization which would result in a cost reduction of $300,000 per year. This benefit would be achieved in the first year after the end of the project and then again in each following year.
  2. The second project would be the development of a new product which could produce incremental income already during the project:
    During the first 6 project months:       $ 15,000
    During the second 6 project months: $ 55,000
    In the 1st year after project finish: $ 230,000
    In the 2nd year after project finish: $ 300,000
    In the 3rd year after project finish: $ 300,000

From a perspective of financial value, which project is more attractive?


Both projects are equally attractive.
One cannot say based on the numbers.
The first project is more attractive.
The second project is more attractive.

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A project manager in an agile software development project finds it hard to leave decision processes to the team. As the project is under time pressure, the person makes decisions for and then tries to sell them to the team. While this approach indeed accelerates the project, there is growing dissatisfaction among the team members.

Which behavior by the project manager would have been more appropriate?

Command and control
Top-down leadership
Use of control accounts

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  4. Your project management team includes two external consultants each from a different company. You found that repeated conflicts between the two consultants already slow down project progress and jeopardize achievement of objectives.

Which stage of team development can be difficult to overcome in such a situation?
Storming from Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing
Panic from Enthusiasm, Panic, Hope, Solution
Kickoff from Assignment, Kickoff, Training, Communicating
Frustration from Direction, Frustration, Cooperation, Collaboration

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  5. During a project, earned value analysis is performed, resulting in the following numbers:

EV: 523,000; PV: 623,000; AC: 643,000.

Which results are correct?

The project is ahead of baseline schedule and under budget.
The project is ahead of baseline schedule and over budget.
The project is behind baseline schedule and under budget.
The project is behind baseline schedule and over budget.

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  6. A project manager spent some days to create a multi-page document, which he called project charter. The document should have been issued by the project sponsor. The sponsor found the document outsized and asked for a condensed document.

Which of the following is usually not an element of the project charter and can therefore be removed from the document?

The authority level of the project manager
Detailed control account and work package descriptions
The business need that the project was undertaken to address
High-level risks

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  7. A document called ____________ is created by decomposing the project scope into smaller, more manageable elements.
Scope Statement
Network Logic Diagram
Requested Change

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A project management team decided to develop a risk management plan. What does this document describe?

How risk management activities will be structured and performed.
Individual risks that the team will manage during the course of the project.
High-level and summary risks that will be escalated to upper management.
Aleatoric uncertainty that cannot be managed using quantitative risk management methods.

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  9. In order to speed up a project, you made a decision to fast-track a phase currently performed with five team members, and another one which was planned to begin in four weeks time with another five team members.

Which of the following activities should you do first?

Make sure that all exit criteria of the consecutive phase have been met to ensure the flow of communications in a team situation which is more complex by a factor of 2.
Make sure that all entry criteria of the previous phase have been met by planning and performing a phase gate meeting to assess technical aptness.
Make sure that all exit criteria of the previous phase have been met by planning and performing a phase gate meeting to assess technical performance.
Restructure your team and delegate tasks in order to ensure the effective flow of communications in a combined team that requires increased coordination efforts.

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  10. A project manager has been asked to support an internal project request by developing a business case.

What kind of information is the person expected to provide in the document?

The detailed information from a business standpoint to determine whether bidding for the customer project will be successful.

The detailed information from a project management standpoint to determine whether the project will be successful.
The detailed information from a technical standpoint to determine whether the project will be successful.
The necessary information from a business standpoint to determine whether the project is worth the investment.

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You found the following earned value analysis information for a project that was recently closed-out:

SPI = 0.7, CPI = 1.0

The project has been cancelled while it was executed. At that time the project was behind schedule and on budget.
The project's deliverables have all been finished. The project came in behind schedule but on budget.
The project's deliverables have all been finished. The project came in ahead of schedule but on budget.
The project's deliverables have all been finished. The project came in on schedule but over budget.

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Which should be included in a requirements management plan?

The document should trace requirements to project scope / WBS deliverables.

It should describe how requirements activities will be analyzed, documented, and managed.

It should trace high-level requirements to more detailed requirements.

It should trace requirements to business needs, opportunities, goals, and objectives.

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 13. In a traditionally drawn decision tree, a circle represents ___________.
a chance to which no expected monetary value can be assigned so that a likely pay-off of a number of options can not be shown.
a decision to which no expected monetary value can be assigned so that the pay-off can be shown ignoring uncertainties.
a chance to which an expected monetary value may be assigned to calculate the average pay-off of two or more options.
a decision to which an expected monetary value may be assigned to calculate the most likely pay-off of consequential uncertainties.

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A project management team has subcontracted work to a service company. 

The team is uncertain whether the contractor's quality system is functioning correctly and that the customer's policies, processes and procedures, and the quality requirements of the project will ne met.

Which activity is most likely to provide this certainty?

Quality audit
Deliverable inspection
Fixed price contract
Service level agreement

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 15. With your team you are using judgment from subject matter experts early during initiation to elicitate requirements on a project and its results. There is a number of experts from different disciplines available. You want to create an informal and conversational setting to allow them to discuss their different views on the project, its product, and the expected risks.

Which of the following techniques can ensure best that the different perceptions and opinions are contributing to the expert discussion?

Peer review

SWOT analysis

Focus group

Monetary value calculation

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 16. An organizations performs a number of projects to implement change. Over time, however, the employees employees show an unexpected degree of negligence and even resistance against the projects. An expert recommended using Jeff Hiatt's ADKAR model. What does it help understand?


The explanation why 73.6% of all change projects fail and how project managers can succeed.
The various domains of planning that management should undertake before starting the change.
The various need levels that people expect to be satisfied to be motivated to do the projects.
The five steps the employees have to be guided through to welcome and support the change.

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 17. During execution of a project which is performed for a customer on a T&M (time and material) contract base, a new project manager is taking over the assignment. 

She discovers that two members assigned to the project have charged time without performing any work for the project customer. Upon further investigation, she determines that this occurred because there have been no other project assignments open for these employees and that her company wanted to keep their time billed to a customer. The customer is unaware of these facts. 

What should the project manager do?

Try to find some productive work for these staff members in the project and leave them on the team.
The best thing is to do nothing. The customer will not realize the problem anyway.
Try to find a responsible person for the over-assignment who can be made accountable.
Take the two people off the team immediately and arrange for the refund of the excess charges to the customer.

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 18. Start dates in the following network logic diagram are defined as early morning, finish dates are evening.

If tasks are scheduled to begin at early start date, what is true?


Activity B has a free float of 10 d.
Activity B has a total float of 10 d.
Activity A has a free float of 10 d.
Activity A has a total float of 10 d.

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 19. Your project is executed with a globally spread virtual team. Colocation is not possible. The project progress has been found to be too slow due to communication impediments among the team members.

Which measure is most likely to help team members act as one team and speed up the project?
Technical training for all team members
Arranging daily phone conferences and detailed reporting
Holding a team meeting at a location convenient to all team members
Establishing a fishbowl window for simple and quick communications

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A project management team wants to procure customized products which can be specified easily and are available in identical grade and quality from several vendors.

The procurement documents will probably have to support what main intention?

Describing the needs of the project in sufficient detail to enable vendors to make suitable proposals based on each one's specific strengths

Specifying attributes of the requested deliverables in detail to get identical bids from vendors and allow selection using the "Least cost method".

Helping to clarify the approved project scope statement and giving guidelines to break it down into the WBS and the WBS dictionary of the project

Developing the risk management plan and the risk reports from those risk management reviews which have been made so far eith the vendors

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 21. An organization decided to perform its projects with distributed teams using electronic means such as video conferencing and chat systems. Which of the following becomes particularly important in such a virtual team environment?
Requirements engineering
Establishing relationships
Formal procurements closure
Network diagramming

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 22. You are assigned as the project manager to a project which is executed for a customer under Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract. Your customer informed you this morning that they insist on certain "refinements" of the project scope. They consider them clearly part of the contractual price and require implementation without extra costs or delays.

You agree that the requested actions will be beneficial to the project, but believe that they constitute a major change increasing the project scope. However, the customer insists on their position. What should you do next?

Accept the request of the customer. Diligently document the additional costs and working hours spent by yourself and the team on the implementation of the change and invoice these to the customer at appropriate rates.
Perform earned value analysis to assess the current status of the project and get all the numbers you need to communicate the case to the change control board which then will have to make the best decision regarding the customer request.
Check the contract, the project charter, the scope statement and other documents related to the project and the legal relationship. Implement ADR (alternative dispute resolution) procedures if the conflict cannot be resolved otherwise.
Talk to the project sales department and find a joint solution with them how to best reject the request considering the commercial and strategic value of the customer to the organization you are working for.

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 23. The product of a project was launched and short time later, its net promoter score (NPS®) wwas measured, which was near to Zero.

What does it say about the product?
Both positive and negative: Users are happy with the product, however their managers reject it.
Negative: The user experience is deeply frustrating.
Positive: The product achieved a high degree of user satisfaction and even delight.
Neither positive nor negative: The product isn't providing a good user experience — it is just not frustrating users.

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 24. During a project using agile methods, the project manager must replace all developers short term with different people of similar qualification.

The project manager is afraid that the knowledge transfer from the existing staff to the new developers may be incomplete.

Which is a working solution to the issue that the project manager may consider?
Stop the development process immediately and direct the developers to document the status and next steps in detail for the new team members.
Give the "old" and the new developers time to work together in pairs to communicate the status of the software and the upcoming challenges in face-to-face.
Outsurce the entire development work and use contractual terms that hold the contractor liable for all troubles that originate from the handover of work.
Terminate the project.

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 25. The Project Management Office (PMO) of your company is performing a "health check" (project management audit) in your company and finds that most of the various plans in the project are neither consistent nor up-to-date.

Which of the following statements is true?
Projects can easily be executed without a valid, updated and working project management plan as things are going to change anyway.
The consistency of the various plans is secondary because it is only the results that matter.
The lack of systematic planning leads to reactive behavior, miscommunications, conflicts, and often a need for continuous fire fighting.
Poor planning and insufficient updating of project management plans are rather uncommon as reasons for cost and time overruns.

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 26. Together with your project management team in a project to build a state-of-the-art power station, you want to perform active risk acceptance in your project.

What should you do?
Create contingency reserves in resources, money and time.
Develop a plan to minimize impact in case that an identified risk occurs.
Develop a plan to minimize the probability of occurrence for identified risks.
Make additional resources available to speed up the project.

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 27. Which of the following is a Scrum event?
Time boxing
Sprint retrospective
Product backlog
Sprint backlog

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When do bidder conferences normally take place?

After the contract has been awarded to keep alternatives open.
After submission of bid or proposal, but before contract award.
Prior to the submission of a bid or proposal by the bidder.
After technical meetings with bidders to discuss contract requirements.

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 29. In a discussion, the term "Simplicity" in connection with an agile project has turned up.

What does it stand for here?
Performing a project without a project manager.
Concurrently optimizing a system and its components.
Maximizing the work that is not done.
Avoiding system development.

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The scope baseline is used to ídentify variance on the scope during the project. It consists of the approved version of ______________?

Scope statement, WBS with work packages and planning packages, WBS dictionary
Cost baseline, quality baseline, and schedule baseline
Configuration management plan and configuration identification document
Procurement statement of work and project scope statement

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 31. Activity 1 has a duration of 20 days, activity 2 of 10 days, activity 3 of 5 days and activity 4 of 6 days.

What is the minimum total duration between the milestones A and B?

36 days
37 days
39 days
42 days

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An essential limitation used while performing the agile Kanban method in a project is _____.

Team size
Human resources assigned
Sprint duration
Work in progress

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 33. What kind of behavior do project managers refrain from?
  1. Theft, embezzlement
  2. Fraud
  3. Corruption
  4. Bribery
a, b, c, d
b, c, d
b, c

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 34. An organization with a rigid command-and-control structure wishes to implement agile mindsets and methods.

What should the organization do first to allow for the implementation?

Increase the frequency of inspections.
Increase the frequency of audits.
Create an environment of safety.
Buy Kanban board software.

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 35. Which statement describes best why you should document assumptions?
Assumptions might later prove wrong. Knowing which assumptions were incorrect allows baseline adjustments in case of project crisis.
Assumptions recorded in the assumption log may help identify project risks and other kinds of uncertainties.
Assumptions limit the project management team's options for decision making because they can not be controlled by the team.
In case of schedule or budget overruns, the documentation of assumptions supports a clear assignment of responsibility.

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 36. Which is normally not regarded as an element of cost of quality?
Prevention costs
Maintenance cost
Appraisal costs
Failure costs

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 37. An Scrum team had a discussion whether it should use a Burnup chart or a Burndown chart.

Which statement on the two chart types is true?
You can use neither of the two chart types to do variance analysis during a sprint in Scrum.
Only burn-down charts are appropriate to do variance analysis against a baseline during a sprint.
A burn-down chart reflects open work, a burn-up chart work performed.
A burn-down chart reflects work performed, a burn-up chart open work.

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 38. A project is managed by departments of an organization and expedited by a project coordinator. Which of the following statements is most likely true?
The project is performed in a weak to balanced matrix.
The performing organization is doing "management by projects".
The project is performed in a strong matrix.
The performing organization is project-oriented.

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 39. You are project manager in a global project with a team consisting of people from various countries. What can you try to prevent misunderstandings due to cross-cultural differences?
Use all communication methods available that are suitable for the team and helps team members work cohesively. Remember that cultural and individual diversity may help project teams solving unforeseen problems during the course of the project.
When you are about to form a team for your project, keep in mind that some cultures are developed, others are more primitive. Some have values, some not. You should consequently avoid choosing members from countries with cultures that are not similar to your own.
Cultural dilemmas can prevent any project from being successful. They should therefore be smoothed or suppressed so as to make sure that they cannot disrupt project work. Your effort should concentrate on communication that can help reach that goal.
As norms regarding communication habits differ significantly across various cultures, communicating between people from different countries should only be done using written or verbal language. The nonverbal dimension simply bears too many risks.

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 40. Which statement on conflicts is most helpful in a project?

Conflict resolution should focus on people, not issues.
A project manager should resolve conflicts in a timely and constructive manner.
Conflict should always be resolved in private and not in the team.
Too much openness to stakeholders is a common cause of conflict.

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 41. A change request in a project was rejected some weeks ago. Yesterday, the project manager found out that it was nevertheless implemented by team members, who received information about the request but missed the communication on the rejection.

In order to avoid such a situation, what could have improved communications and avoided the misunderstanding?

Changing the communication method.
Changing the communication style.
Asking for an acknoledging message.
Monitoring and controling risks.

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 42. What is a trigger in project risk management? 
An expected situation causing an unidentified risk to occur
A warning sign that a previously identified risk is about to occur
An unexpected situation causing an identified risk to occur
An unexpected situation causing an unidentified risk to occur

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 43. According to the project plan, a contractor is scheduled to deliver the next software increment today afternoon. A regular monthly payment is due to be made to this contractor tomorrow.

You and your project team received a note this morning informing you that the software delivery will be delayed by 2 weeks.

What should you do right now?

You should delay the payment for 2 weeks too.
You must immediately find and change to a different contractor.
You should consult with the contractor to understand and jointly resolve the delivery issues.
You should make the payment and reschedule the project incorporating the delay. 

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 44. In a software company a large number of simultaneously performed projects utilize the same groups of human and other resources from a corporate resource directory and support the organization's strategic objectives..

What is the term commonly used for this grouping of multiple projects?

Unassigned staff
Project team
Program team

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 45. What does the acronym RACI commonly stand for in project management?
Responsible, Accountable, to be Consulted, to be Informed
Remote, Attached, Connected, Integrated
Risk Analysis and Caution Initiative
Randomly Accessible Cashflow Information

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 46. You have used estimates made by your team members and applied the critical path method to compute a network logic diagram for your project. Then you found out that it cannot be sufficiently optimized for scarce resources and fast progress towards a given deadline, however, descoping is not possible. What could you do next?
Apply resource leveling and smoothing heuristics to uncritical activities only.
Reduce estimates on duration and work efforts by an adequate percentage.
Investigate the network logic for opportunities to compress the schedule.
Remove physical ánd legal constraints and replace hard logic with soft logic.

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 47. In an agile project, __________ is an example of the incremental approach.

planning a grand opening
penalizing the contractor for late completion
providing a single feature
focusing on a deadline

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 48. Together with your team, you are writing a risk management plan. In the team, discussions are occurring what should be covered by the plan and what not.

Finally, the team found out that _______ should NOT be covered by a risk management plan?

Roles and responsibilities for managing project risks
Timing of project risk management processes and activities
The methodological approach used for risk management
Recorded outputs of risks management processes

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 49. You are assigned as the project manager to a project which had a one-time cost variance in the past caused by unexpected rework which has meanwhile been finished and paid. You expect future costs of the project to remain as originally planned

You perform earned value analysis and get the following results:
- EV: 250,000;
- PV: 200,000;
- AC 275,000,

- BAC is 500,000,
- EAC is 525,000.

What is right?

The project is expected to come in under budget.
The project is expected to come in over budget.
The project is expected to come in on budget.
Based on tha data, you cannot comment on expectations.

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 50. An estimation has been made for a construction project that the construction of a residential home will cost a certain amount per square foot of living area.

This is an example of what type of estimating?
Story-point estimating
Bottom-up estimating
Top-down estimating
Parametric estimating

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 51. What is true for prototypes?
Prototyping causes significant costs and should be avoided wherever possible.
Protoypes are tangible models and allow for early analysis and feedback by stakeholders.
Prototypes are mostly developed toward the end of a design or build phase.
Prototypes increase the risk of misunderstandings between developers and users.

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 52. Constructive changes are a common source for conflicts between customers and contractors in projects under contract. What is a constructive change?

A change request that helps improving the project and its product, service, or result and could be generally discussed in a friendly style.
A direction by the buyer or an action taken by the seller that either party may post hoc consider an undocumented change.
A field change or ad-hoc change mandated by the project customer in a public construction project.
A change request which will lead to the re-construction of an older version of the project performance baseline by the contractor.

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 53. Which of the following is generally regarded to be a hygiene factor according to Frederick Herzberg?
Company policies and salary
Responsibility for enlarged task
Interest in the task
Recognition for achievement

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 54. What is true for modern project management? Project managers should...
... have a strict standing in negotiating.
... show experience in tricking business partners.
... be team players and facilitators instead of "bosses".
... be strongly linked to local traditions.

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 55. You are the project manager in an engineering project for production equipment. For the project, you must subcontract software development of a complicated control solution.

The software will be used to control machinery, which your project team is currently designing, so the requirements on the software are still unclear. However, following standing operational procedures, the procurement department requires that subcontractors submit offers based on a lump-sum contract. The vendors already submitted bids which seem rather low to you.

Which of the following statements is true for this situation?

It will be the contractors' problem if their bid is too low. It is best to not discuss your concerns with them at this point in time.
Fixed price contracts are indeed beneficial in this situation as they place the risk of changing scope on the contractor.
You may possibly prefer contracts using variable models such as time-and-material or fixed-price increments, but the SOP always takes precedence.
In a fixed pice contract, your organization will have to assume any additional costs for unexpected changes that may become necessary.

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A review to determine, whether the intended execution of project activities and processes will comply with organizational and project policies and procedures is commonly called

Quality audit
Quality testing
Reject screening

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 57. A project team uses the Kanban method. It was decided that the Work in progress (WIP) column of the Kanban board must have a maximum of 6 userstories. However, the number of stories is meanwhile at 9. What effect can this have for the project?
The transparency of the work items in progress increases.
The quality of the work results increases.
Team members may lose the focus on their work.
The responsibilities of the team members become clearer.

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 58. You are the manager of your company's Project Management Office (PMO). The company is running many concurrent projects; most of them share a portfolio-wide resource pool of technical staff. Understanding how resources are utilized across projects has been found essential to overall project performance, including cost effectiveness and profitability.

This morning you received a message that the resource pool members will be unable to perform as planned for the next months because the overall work load has grown too high and while delays are adding up, the morale of the staff is going down.

What should you do next?

Ensure that quantitative information for all projects is made available in a uniform and reliable fashion and verify that the project management methodology is adhered to. Then consolidate the information to get an understanding of the problems and communicate them to management.
Implement an enterprise project management software solution which is able to  level the human resources across the various projects and which has the capability to model resource assignment on a percentage level thus optimizing resource utilization for the overall organization.
Do nothing related to the described problem unless you are explicitly requested by the organizations upper management. Supporting decision making on the level on which project portfolio management is done, is not the project management office's business.
Evaluate project management software which supports planning and scheduling across enterprise-wide project portfolios. Avoid managing the availability of shared enterprise resources for the projects run by an organization because this is not the business of a project management office.

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Your Scrum project uses sprints that are timeboxed and end with a Sprint retrospective.

What should you do after the retrospective before the project enters the next sprint?

Refine objectives and specify in detail what is necessary for successful sprint execution.
Define new OKRs (objectives and key results) for the next sprint.
Define sprint results that should be ready for formal recognition by the project sponsor.
Nothing. A time-boxed sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.

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 60. You have been assigned as a project manager to a bridge construction project. While you and your team are still working on a WBS (work breakdown structure), estimates for activity durations are already made. These are based on an activity list from a previous project and vary significantly, obviously as the team members have different concepts of the work that needs to be done.

Which additional documents may help you clarify work requirements in this situation?

Final project schedule.
Project schedule network diagrams and human resource plan.
Activity cost estimates and scope baseline.
Activity descriptions and the project scope statement.

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 61. You are performing earned value technique on your project.

After BAC approval, an additional and unexpected cost item has been identified, which made the project more expensive some weeks ago. The item has meanwhile been paid by the project, and it is expected that for the remaining duration of the project, costs will be as budgeted.

In this case, which is the best formula to calculate EaC (Estimate at Completion)?

EaC = BaC - CV
EaC = BaC / CPI
EaC = AC + EtC / CV
EaC = AC + ((BAC - EC) / (CPI x SPI))

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 62. During a company event, you had the opportunity to talk to a colleague project manager. He told you that in his current project actual costs are 15% under cumulated costs budgeted for today.

What do you think?

The information given to you by the colleague is not sufficient to assess project performance.
The project will probably be completed with total costs remaining under budget until the end.
A significant cost increase during the further course of the project will probably bring the costs back to baseline level.
Original cost forecasting and budgeting for the project must have been poor to allow this variance.

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 63. A team in an agile project feels disrupted by requests from operational management to provide information on details on the project, its progress and the influence it will have on operations.

The team decides to place a bulletin board at an easily accessible location with information from the Kanban board, diagrams, and other project details.

This is an example of what?
Information condenser
Team war room
Information radiator
Team reporting system

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 64. Which of the following statements describes best the relationship between project phases and the project life cycle?
The project life cycle includes the time when the project is performed and the expected product lifespan after that.
In project management, a sequence of project phases and phase gates is often referred to as project life cycle.
The project life cycle is regarded as a sequence of project activities while phases are defined to control overlapping activities.
The project life cycle describes how iterations of project management processes are used when a project schedule is developed. 

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Which is an appropriate order in most project situations for the development of scope-related documents?

1. Project SOW (statement of work),
2. Project charter,
3. Project scope management plan,
4. Project scope statement,
5. WBS (work breakdown structure) and WBS dictionary.
1. Work breakdown structure,
2. Scope statement,
3. Project charter,
4. CSOW (contractual statement of work),
5. Contractual work breakdown structure
1. Feasibility study
3. Contract,
4. CWBS (contractual work breakdown structure),
5. Scope of work descriptions,
6. PID (project initiation document).
1. BOM (Bill of materials),
2. CAP (control account plan),
3. Project charter
4. Change management plan,
5. Scope baseline.

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 66. What is the S-curve in project management?


A graph that is generated if a normal curve is integrated.
A graph that is to be integrated to generate a normal curve.
A metaphoric description of the short term uncertainties that are present in every project.
The graph that describes the typical growth of costs and earned value during the course of the project.

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An agile software development project lost time while it had to comply with privacy legislation that is valid in certain parts of the world. At the same time, conflicts in the team further slowed down progress.

In the language of agile project management, what would this second, team related, obstacle be called to separate it from the first, technical related issue?

Team obstacle
Impediment or blocker
Non-legal constraint
Organizational constraint

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What is not the purpose of configuration control when configuration management is applied in a project?

Verification that the configuration identification for a configuration item is accurate, complete, and will meet specified program needs.

Ensuring that proposed and approved changes to configuration items are fully analyzed.

Ensuring that proposed and approved changes to configuration items are fully documented.
Managing and controlling the frequently requested changes to a project by applying agreed upon rules.

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Which statement describes best the meaning of the term cost baseline?

A cost baseline is always created by translating time-phased cost information into cost data on activity or work-package level.
A cost baseline is an approved time-phased budget that will be used to measure and monitor schedule and cost performance on the project.
Data to draw a cost baseline can be easily generated and updated as necessary from information related to actual project cost.
A cost baseline is usually displayed in the form of an inverse S-curve drawn from the beginning of the project until data date.

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 70. A company is interviewing different individuals to join an agile project as a team member. The person is expected to have broad general interests, knowledge, and skills and one area of specialization.

What is a term commonly used in agile environments for a person with such a skillset?
User-story driven

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A project sponsor requested reports on two concurrent software projects from the project managers. Both projects are regarded as equally important and strategically beneficial and have been finished by over 80%.

The sponsor considers to shift some resources from the first project to the second to accelerate the second project, which is currently behind schedule.

What is the most likely outcome of such a measure?

Changing team assignments during late course of a project typically increases cost efficiency.

Changing team assignments during late course of a project typically increases time efficiency.

Project A will become slower. According to Brooks's law, Project B will also lose pace.

According to the law of diminishing returns, the consolidated cost variance of the two projects will increase.

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 72. Which of the following statements describes best the relationship of quality and grade?
Low grade is always a problem; low quality may be overcome by a good rework and repair process.
Grade is a category or rank given to entities having different functional requirements but the same need for quality.
Both quality and grade can often be improved through intelligent measuring, testing and examining.
Low quality is always a problem as it bears on the ability of an item to meet requirements; low grade may be acceptable.

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A project management team intends to develop a lifecycle for its new software development project on a continuum between the extremes of highly agile and highly predictive methods. What is a typical signal that the lifecycle chosen is located between the two extremes?

Requirements are basically identified early but will be further elaborated progressively.
Requirements are developed upfront in detail and kept static during the course of the project.
Requirements are incrementally developed during the course of the project, and change is welcome.
Change is excluded from the project or at least constrained as much as possible.

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 74. You have been asked to calculate the internal rate of return (IRR) of a project? What will you assess?
The time period needed to pay back the investment from a project when future income is discounted.
The inherent discount rate or investment yield rate produced by the project's deliverables over a pre-defined period of time.
The rate of negative risk that can be accepted for a project without turning the expected net present value negative.
The expected benefit from a project’s deliverable calculated as a percentage of the original investment over a specified time period.

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You have just created the following network logic diagram to describe the planned flow of activities for your project which will start tomorrow:

PMP sample question 75 Network diagram 

Which potential inconsistency in the diagram should you solve right now to ensure that the activities and the milestones "Start" and "A-F finished" are correctly linked?

Activity E is open ended (a "dangle") in relation to the finish milestone path convergence.
Activity F is open ended in relation to the path divergence after the start milestone.
You cannot calculate a critical path when lags and/or leads are calculated in percent.
  Activities E to F need another task drawn as a hammock to calculate level of effort.

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A project management team identified negative risks (threats) that cannot be responded to by avoidance or mitigation. An alternative risk response would be active acceptance. What would the team do to implement that?

Plan more risk management.
Monitor risks.
Allocate contingency reserves.
  Identify further risks.

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A project manager travels to a country whose culture is unknown to her. She realizes that her direct way of communicating creates discomfort for some people she interacts with. What could she consider improving?

The communications management plan
Her cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity
Her predisposition to culture shocks
  The stakeholder responsibility matrix

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A project manager is approached by a team of software programmers who work for her project.

The team requests a certain person to be released from other work to enhance the team with specific technical skills and enhance its productivity. The team also offers to introduce the person to the progress of development achieved so far and to the tasks that the person should take over in order to get the project work done.

Which management principle is applied by the project manager and the team?

Self-organizing teams
Norming teams
Micro-managed teams
  Competing teams

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A project manager ensures that a team of development engineers is freed from operational tasks, so that the team members can focus on self-organization and on getting the project work done. The person listens to the team’s concerns and removes obstacles and impediments whenever they occur. What is the best description for the leadership style of the project manager?

Autocratic leadership
Benevolent leadership
Responsible leadership
  Servant leadership

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A company’s management is discussing a project request created by one of its managers. but its managers are uncertain, whether the project is worth the investment. A project manager has been assigned to develop a document to describe the potential benefits in monetary and other aspects. After acceptance of the project request, this document will to be used to track the realization of those benefits.

Which title will the project manager probably give to the document?

Project business case
Benefits management plan
Project charter
  Project statement of work

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A project manager is performing a project with contract partners in different countries. What should the person be aware of?

It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the procurement meets the specific needs of the project.
All differences in local laws can be overcome with clear contract language.
Local culture and laws may have influence upon the enforceability of a contract.
  The use of contracts with appendices and annexes should generally be avoided for projects.

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A project management team consolidates a number of planning documents to a collection called “project management plan” and ensures that these documents are consistent among each other.

What documents could become part of the project management plan?

Resource calendars and project schedule
Management plans and baselines
Lessons learned register and quality report.
  Resource management plan

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When does a project manager perform the integrated change control process to make sure the effects of change requests are under control?

During the course of the project
When baselines need to be altered
While the cost baseline is being created
  When the configuration management plan is developed

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During execution of a construction project to build a new bridge, it turns out that severe weather conditions are threatening adherence to the project schedule and overall project success.

What kind of risk is this?

Complexity risk
Ambiguity risk
Variability risk
  Event-related risk

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A project was planned to take 5 months, during which the montly workload would be evenly distributed. The team is currently 3 months into it and has completed half of the work.

Applying Earned schedule technique, what are the performance data of the project?

SV: -0.5 months, SPI: 0.83
SV: 1.5 months, SPI: 1.5
SV: -2,5 months, SPI: 0.83
  SV: 0.5 months, SPI: 1.83

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A software development team works with a product owner, who routes influence by target stakeholders on the software product. The product owner keeps a list of the work to be done in order to build the desired product and develops it further when new requirements are identified.

What is this list referred to as?

Activity attributes
  Product backlog

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A project management team identified the need to remove over-allocations of resources and optimize their usage. They are discussing whether to apply resource leveling or resource smoothing.

Which of the following statements is correct?

Resource leveling does not change the project schedule
Resource smoothing commonly changes the critical path
Resource smoothing may delay the completion date
  Resource smoothing may not optimize all resources

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A project management team has identified a large number of risks during its risk identification sessions. It noticed that it would not have the time and resources to quantitatively analyze all of them. The team also agreed that not all of these risks would justify the effort necessary to digg deeply into them.

What should the team do next?

Implement agreed upon risk response plans.
Plan risk responses for each of the identified risks.
Perform qualitative risk analysis to prioritize the risks.
  Perform quantitative risk analysis to numerically analyze risks.

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A project management team has identified, analyzed and prioritized a great number of individual project risks and also some overall risks. The team discusses strategies to respond to them.

What is true for strategies that can be used for individual risks?

They differ fundamentally from those used for overall risk.
They will be implemented by the team; overall risk will be escalated.
Only responses for threats can also be used for overall risk.
  Only responses for opportunities can also be used for overall risk.

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In a Scrum project, it was decided to use the project manager concurrently in the role of the Scrum master.

In this second role, what is the person expected to do?

Making key decisions to enable the team to focus on progress.
Mediating between target stakeholders and Scrum team.
Documenting progress made by the Scrum team.
  Coaching the team in Scrum practices and rules.

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A project has been given into the hands of a contractor and will be performed against payments by the customer.

During contract development, it has been agreed that the buyer’s procurement statement of work (SOW) would become an appendix to the contract (CSOW), turning it into a part of the agreement.

From the contractor’s perspective, which should be among the next steps to initiate and plan the customer project?

The contractor can mostly disregard the SOW, because the language in the contract’s main document is the binding one for the project.
The contractor should ensure that the project management team understands how the CSOW becomes a key input to many of the seller’s processes.
The contractor should regard the requirements laid down in the CSOW as the only binding ones and focus solely on meeting them during the project.
  The contractor-side’s project team can do the project without knowledge of the contract and the SOW just by clarifying requirements directly with the customer.

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A project management team prepares contract development for a project that has major parts of the work outsourced to a number of contractors.

A question turns up, which risks should be assumed by contractors and which should remain the responsibility of the customer.

What would be good decision?

All risks should be agreed upon to be managed by the contractor, who after all gets paid for managing them.
Risks should generally remain with the customer to reduce the costs of outsourcing for the project.
Each risk should be accurately allocated to the respective party that is most capable of managing it.
  The allocation of a risk should not be decided during contract development, but after it has occurred.

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A Product owner in a Scrum project is adding user stories arbitrarily to the product backlog in order to please a major number of target stakeholders. The Development team finds it difficult to select items for the Sprint backlog and asks the Product owner to prioritize the stories and create a shortlist.

Which principle may lead the Product owner when she builds the shortlist?

A Product owner should focus on the easier stories.
A Product owner should maximise the value of the end product.
The Product owner can simplify the backlog by combining stories to epics.
  The Product owner should assign story points to help the team select tasks.

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A project management team in a major infrastructure project is facing growing resistance from people living nearby. These people believe that they are stakeholders. They perceive that they will be affected by the execution of the project and/or by its results.

Should the project management team consider these people as actual stakeholders?

If they can influence the project, yes. The team should engage them as stakeholders.
No. Only people with vested interests should be regarded as stakeholders.
No. It is the decision of the team, who is regarded as a stakeholder and who is not.
  No. Stakeholders are limited to people that provide tangible input to the project.

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A project management team has decided to use an assumptions log for lower-level tasks and activities in a project to refurbish and modernize an old business building that should be rented out for upmarket customers.

The actual project work will mostly be done by contractors, and the task of the project team will be mainly contract development and management and the coordination of the contractors regarding technical and schedule matters.

In addition to assumptions, what other content may the team capture in the assumptions log?

Project contractors
Summary risks
Technical risks

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 96. An agile project team has identified a number of stakeholders for a project to develop and implement a new software solution that would come with far-reaching changes inside the organization. They listed them up in a stakeholder register.

What is an appropriate next step?
Develop ground rules for meetings with these stakeholders.
Monitor the engagement of stakeholders through surveys and polls.
Actively engage stakeholders by taking them out for dinner.
  Engage stakeholders by listening to their concerns and user stories.

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A project manager is discussing with the project management office the implementation of risk audits in the project.

What should be the purpose of a risk audit?

A risk audit gives the opportunity to verify the completeness of the risk register and risk report.
A risk audit gives the opportunity to validate the existence of a risk management plan.
A risk audit gives the opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the risk management response strategy.
  A risk audit gives the opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the entire risk management process.

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A project is performed as project business by a company for another organization. The latter organization pays the first for the work performed and deliverables provided.

What kind of agreement is used between the two companies?


Project contract
Internal agreement
Memorandum of understanding
  Gentlemen agreement

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A company is writing a job advert to look for a project manager to lead and direct an urban development project.

The mission of the project is to implement a bold architectural vision. It will be the project manager’s task to ensure that project work is accomplished by the project’s team members and other stakeholders.

What skills should the advertisement focus on?

Legal skills.
Technical skills.
Interpersonal skills.
  Engineering skills.

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An organizational change project is accompanied by a set of business documents, including a business case and a benefits management plan.

When a project manager has been assigned to the project, what should be the first step to get chartered for the project?

Collect requirements on the project to prepare the development of the project scope statement and the work breakdown structure.
Review the business documents to understand the project’s objectives and how it is expected to contribute to the business goals.
Develop a backlog of product components, features, functions, and develop a bill of materials from them for the project.
  Develop a human resource plan to capture team members assigned and their availability for the project.

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