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Our offer:
We support you to become certified as Project Management Professional (PMP®)

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In recognition of your performance as a project manager for our company, we offer you to sponsor your certification.

A certification is an acknowledgment of your knowledge and professionalism. It represents the abilities you have gathered and your commitment to stand up for your project while upholding professional ethics.

It also signals experience in project management, as this is a prerequisite to be admitted to the exam. Additionally, through the stage of intensive preparation a certification examination requires, you will be able to intensify and expand your present knowledge profoundly. We found some of the best trainers globally to guide you to the process in Oliver F. Lehmann and his team.

As a company, we have decided to sponsor your certification as Project Management Professional (PMP), a credential offered by Project Management Institute. Here are the reasons:

A credential will make this process visible.

Since each certified employee increases the value and reputation of an organization, our company will benefit from the skills and knowledge gathered during your exam preparation. For our customer projects, this certificate will significantly increase the willingness of prospective customers to contract their work to us. Later in the project, the credential improves your standing in contact with the customer. All this leads to more and better project business, enhancing our company’s ability to run better projects for customers.

Therefore, we would like to support you on your way to a certified Project Management Professional.

Please contact ____________________ for further information.