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100 Free PMP Practice Questions

This free help augments your preparation training.
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Note: The real test questions have a “Marked for review” checkbox that allows you to revisit questions during the session and reconsider your answer before submission. In this practice test, this checkbox is just a reminder for you without technical functionality. It helps when you scroll up again to see a question a second time.

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More Free PMP Practice Questions

over 20 years ago, my practice questions were the first that were openly and freely available on the Internet. And here is the good news for aspiring learners: Many more are available today. The list below (in alphabetical order) shows you where to find them. Good luck!

The only way to succeed is to write tons of practice exams!”  (Christelle P. from Canada)


100 PMP practice questions following the 2021 Exam content outline.

Oliver F. Lehmann

Another set of 180 PMP exam practice questions as a downloadable pdf file. If necessary, with a translation function provided by

Trainer/instructor colleagues: Feel free to share and use the document in your PMP classes.

OSP International

Offer by Cornelius Fichtner’s OSP International: 60 free questions, adjusted for the 2021 exam.

OSP International

OSP International again: This simulator offers 120 PMP practice questions for the 2021 version of the PMP exam.


Free test using PMAspires test simulator. Updated for the 2021 exam.

PM Exam Coach

7 days free test account provided by Dan Ryan with 120 practice questions for the 2021 exam version.


20 free practice questions in the style of the 2021 PMP exam.


10 free questions, dedicated to the 2021-version of the exam by Christopher Scordo.

200 free questions, sorted by process groups.


100 PMP practice questions, as the developer says, 2021 edition and “on the tougher side”.


24 free PMP practice questions, 2021 edition.


50 questions in Spanish. Some come with English translations.


2-day free trial of a simulator with >1,000 practice questions.


A set of 5 free questions with nice functionality mimicking the different question types at the real exam.


20 more PMP practice questions by the same provider as before.

World of Project Management

60 practice questions in three 1-hour YouTube videos.